Karl's Egg Farm (2013)

by Svartby

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Eric Valerio
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Eric Valerio This is the best egg-themed Slavic folk metal EP I've heard come out of the last decade. And I do not say that lightly.
I do not say that lightly. Favorite track: Karl's Egg Farm.
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The tale continues!..

Throughout stories told in previous chapters our Svartby creatures got very lucky with struggling against peaceful peasant villages and having lots of fun. As they gained much experience, at some moment destroying yet another hapless hamlet is no effort at all. And that is boooooring! So, what's next? And what's about walls and towers which we behold beyond the pine tops...

A strong city requires quite an imaginative approach. You can't head straight to the gates - well, it's war, that will result in casualties, and casualties among Svartby folk ain't no fun at all. So the masterminds of the Black Village made their choice: it will be a slow poisonous penetration rather than a dumbass attack.

We can't bring a city in the forest, but we can bring a deadly slimy environment to the city walls: the swamp. This environment allows a vast field of activities and experiments: mutated plants and creatures, raised zombies, viruses, vapors and maladies... You bet it would be exciting.

So, "Karl's Egg Farm" is a small EP where we introduce the Swamp to you. The EP has the same status as "Scum from Underwater", as both songs will later be presented again at the next "swamp" album.


released December 24, 2013

Please read terms of using musical content: english.svartby.com/press/disclaimer

Gnofkes - vocals
Lindwurm - guitars
Humla - guitars
aZ - bass
Giftsvamp - keyboards, lyrics

Guest musicians:

Alexey Kovalyov (Exhumation band) - drums

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Alexey Bolotov
Artwork by Dmitriy Isakevich (impaga.ru)



all rights reserved


Svartby Санкт Петербург, Russian Federation

SVARTBY is a band from Saint-Petersburg, Russia that plays vivid, merry and brutal folk-metal in Swedish and English. The lyrics tell about wild magical creatures living in 'Svartby' (the fictional Black Village) - witches, imps, dwarfs - definitely unkind to human folk, but at the same time merry, nature-loving and nice living beings with a good sense of humor. ... more


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Track Name: Karl's Egg Farm
There was a man
Whose name was Karl
All dirty beard and smoking socks,
He scratched his stinky balls

He had a farm
With nothing more but poultry
He bred his hens with love
"Eggs of Karl", a famous brand

They fit
Every meal
Either lord or burgher
"Eggs of Karl", a famous brand

There was a witch
Whose name's a mess
All dirty hands and smoking warts,
She scratched her stinky toads

She had a farm
With nothing more but poultry
Infesting it with toads and love
"Eggs of Karl", a famous brand

Hatch, hatch,
Incubate, incubate
Cockerel eggs for the next shipment

Hatched, hatched
From famous eggs
Basilisks rip some fucking throats

All lords and burghers in the morning
Have for breakfast
Brand new "Eggs of Karl"

All town's a mess,
All panic through the streets
Greet Farmer's Famous Eggs
Track Name: Morbid Quag
Far, far
Dark might has spread
Claimed the ancient forests

Weak, small
Razed hamlets
Left in desolation

What's beyond
The city walls
Ain't an easy target

Morbid scab
Of townsfolk
Reeks with human stench

Spread around the walls
Bane the creatures of the swamp,

Toads, sludge
Willows, moss
Sweet and wet smell of rot

Go for it,
Accept the swamp
Quag's your next-door pal now

Green, yellow
Glaring eyes
Staring through mire fog

Muffled songs
Of slime and ooze
Slurped and whispered from the bog

Gene pools
Molding flesh and herb

Dead bodies
From the grounds of glory

Monsters creep
Greet new snouts and faces

Quaggy grounds
Instead of fields
Not a playground anymore