Under Frusna Stjärnor (2017)

by Svartby

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"Under Frusna Stjärnor" (translated as "Under Frozen Stars") is a single which is preceding the next album by Svartby's tradition.

The new album's concept will tell a story of chthonic monstrous beasts - masters of the Mountains, the Sky, the Sea and the Forest. These beasts are ancient and freaking enormous, and they were in hiatus for ages... until now

The title song "Under Frusna Stjärnor" is an introduction track. Svartby's matriarch, Mother of All Witches, the most powerful and the most important creature in Svartby village. She is walking under frozen stars and climbs the Bald Mountain for shamanic witch ritual to awake the chthonic horrors.

What we want this time for the next album is coming back to the roots - the ancient evil forest, the northern nature, and obviously Swedish lyrics to wrap it all.

We also decided to give a second birth to the song about Svartby's matriarch from the first album. "Moder av Alla Häxor" is about the same old witch - Mother of All Witches.

Both songs are intertwined by concept. We actually developed the lyrics part from "Moder" about how the matriarch talks with wild animals, and we turned it into something bigger... MUCH BIGGER.

The "Moder av Alla Häxor" song finally sounds like it should have been recorded, granted the help from our fellow vocalist Darya Ivlitskaya. So we hope you like it. It is a present to ourselves and to you as we celebrate the 10-years anniversary of our first album this year.


released August 9, 2017

All music by Svartby
All lyrics by Giftsvamp

Gnofkes - vocals
Lindwurm - guitars
Humla - guitars
Fjällräv - bass
Giftsvamp - keyboards, voice (2)
Woopzy - drums

Guest musicians:
Darya Ivlitskaya (Icewind Tales) - vocals (2), choir (1,2)
Sergey Muravyev (Fängörn) - choir (1)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Alexey Bolotov
June-August 2017

Artwork by Dmitriy "Impaga" Isakevich

Many thanks for lyrics correction and helping with pronunciation: Andreas Ekström, Paula Lundin, Rikard Falk & Carl Gibson




all rights reserved


Svartby Санкт Петербург, Russian Federation

SVARTBY is a band from Saint-Petersburg, Russia that plays vivid, merry and brutal folk-metal in Swedish and English. The lyrics tell about wild magical creatures living in 'Svartby' (the fictional Black Village) - witches, imps, dwarfs - definitely unkind to human folk, but at the same time merry, nature-loving and nice living beings with a good sense of humor. ... more

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Track Name: Under Frusna Stjärnor

Där hon går under frusna stjärnor
I sin slitna kappa, full med makt
Kristalltaggar av granträd kvistar
Stenhud av skaren

Ändlös tomhet, svarta himlar
Hon bestiger under frusna stjärnor
Hon står nu på det kala berget
Mardrömmar vaknar under frusna stjärnor

Himmelens Mästare
Havets Herre
Bergens Härskare
Skogens Värd


Himmelens Mästare
Bergens Härskare

Hör min sång!
Hör min röst!
Vakna från de hundra långa åren av sömn!

Hör min röst!
Hör min sång!
Vakna från de hundra långa åren av sömn!

Hon höjer sin stav, hon tjuter vildt
Ut till himmelen under frusna stjärnor
Onda andar skall besvara
De skall vakna under frusna stjärnor



There she goes under frozen stars
In her worn cloak, full with power
Crystal spikes of spruce branches
Stonehide of snow crust

Endless void, black skies
She climbs under frozen stars
Now she stands on the Bald Mountain
Nightmares awake under frozen stars

Sky Master
Sea Lord
Mountains Ruler
Forest Host

Sky Master
Mountains Ruler

Hear my song!
Hear my voice!
Awake from the hundred long years of slumber!

Hear my voice!
Hear my song!
Awake from the hundred long years of slumber!

She raises her staff, she screams wildly
Out to the sky, under frozen stars
Evil spirits will answer
They shall wake under frozen stars
Track Name: Moder Av Alla Häxor

Långt härifrän står hennes stuga
Trolldomens näste, dold i snårskog
Omgiven av urtidens träd och rot
Svartkonst skyddar dem från att huggas ner

Talar med urträden
Påverkar elementen
Sten, ström, rot, eld, vind och rymd

Hon tänder trolldomselden
Sammankallar skogens vilt
Uggla, räv, björn, varg och korp

Skogens krona — en hemsk krans
Av magiska små rötter, växter och svamp
Pryder hennes hjässa när hon stirrar på dans
Runtom Blåkulla — hemmet av häxors stam

Fortfarande så ljuder en gammal ugn
Och kopparkitteln öppnar sin mun
Deras händer ikväll är så blodiga
Och kokade barn är så lydiga


Far from here stands her hut
Nest of the witchcraft, hidden in thicket
Surrounded by ancient trees and root
Black magic protects them from being chopped

Speaks with the ancient trees
Influences elements
Stone, stream, root, fire, wind and void

She lights the sorcerous fire
Summons the wild animals
Owl, fox, bear, wolf and raven

Forest crown – an awful wreath
Of magic small roots, weeds and mushrooms
Adorns her head when she stares at dance
Around Blue mountain – home of the witches tribe

An old oven still rumbles
And the copper cauldron opens its maw
Their hands are so bloody tonight
And cooked children are so obedient...